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Everest Trekking Regionภูมิภาคเอเวอร์เรส

Treks through the Everest or Sagarmatha National Park have inspired countless dreams and adventures, including visions of scaling the highest mountain on earth to those of getting a taste of the high mountains with a pack on their back and a camera in hand; ready to capture some incredible views of the lofty snowy mountain peaks that seem to grow in this region. Sagarmatha is the Nepalese name for Everest. The National Park is located in eastern Nepal and it contains parts of the Himalayas and the southern half of Mount Everest. The park was created in July 19, 1976 and in 1979 was inscribed as a Natural World Heritage Site. Sagarmatha is Sanskrit for “Sagar = sky (not to be confused with sea/ocean) and matha = forehead or head ” and is the modern Nepali name for Mount Everest.

When you arrive at Lukla you are surrounded by the glistening spires of snow peaks from the start of the trek, and they only get higher and more magnificent as you go. The route is dotted by sacred Tibetan Buddhist mani stones (engraved with prayers and Buddhist images), prayer flags, and the occasional stupa (representing the mind of Buddha). The winding Dudha and Bhote Koshi rivers are a beautiful glacier-fed aqua blue, joined by many tributaries supporting waterfalls. Trekkers can visit on the way bustling Namche Bazaar, the revered Tengboche Monastery, the crystalline Gokyo Lake, the historic Everest Base Camp, and many other remarkable places in the Everest region. You share the trail with yak trains and Tibetan nomads and can choose to stay in simple but welcoming guesthouses in all but the most remote areas. Treks can be from one week to more than a month. On the trek a steady well paced ascent is required to suit the acclimatisation needed. Expect to take some rest days for acclimatization as most trails quickly go above 3,500 meters. Nepal is a fascinating country and trekking through the mountains allows you to get both close to the scenery and the people.

Available Packages

Everest Three High Passes Trek

Everest Three ( 3 ) High pass trek is purely a challenging trekking adventure in Nepal  H...

21 Days
Everest Base Camp Trek (เอเวอร์เรสต์ เบส แคมป์ เทร็ค)

Everest Base Camp Trek หรือ EBC Trek (เอเวอร์เรสต์ เบ...

15 Days
EBC and Gokyo Lake Trek

EBC and Gokyo Lake Trekking is one of the famous and Challenging trekking in Everest Regio...

18 Days
Gokyo Trek (โกเกียว เลค เทร็ค)

Gokyo Lake trek is beginning with the spectacular mountain flight to Lukla we are rewarded...

14 Days
Everest Sunrise View Trek (เอเวอร์เรสต์ ซันไรส์วิว เทร็ค)

Everest Sunrise View Trek (เอเวอร์เรสต์ ซันไรส์ เ...

10 Days